admire là gì

Members admired the power and simplicity of the construction, the unified arrangement of the design and its ability vĩ đại command a wide visual field.

As we have seen, he now admired rather different artists vĩ đại those he had back in 1832.

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It is therefore unsurprising that the music press largely ignores teenybopper fans and the artists they admire, as the most obvious inhabitants of this mainstream.

Stirling, the man, was admired by architects as an outspoken, uncompromising figurehead who challenged 'the establishment', both inside and outside architecture.

If one hesitates vĩ đại accept the methods, concepts, or the conclusions of the author, one cannot help but admire and tư vấn his goals.

One cannot but admire the author's courage and stamina.

These were the same qualities admired by brickmakers in the decades after repeal of the tax on bricks.

Thousands admire the sentimental writer; the affectionate father is hardly known in his parish.

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She wished she could believe and said that she admired those who could withstand disaster by means of their faith.

After waiting several hours, he finally saw her, entering the room surrounded by admiring officers.

The shepherds in turn sit and admire the lovely jumps of the satyrs.

The ablative absolute is an ancient sườn of grammatical error much admired by modern scholars.

He, too, admires himself - for his qualities: his beauty, cleverness, talents - and for his success and achievements.

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To this overwhelmingly presentational performer, they are all stooges, victims, or admiring spectators.

I admired his approach vĩ đại economics, and his commitment vĩ đại moral and social issues.

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