aunt nghĩa là gì

For instance, a quarter of the working parents reported using their children's aunts, and 10 per cent, their children's uncles when they were at work.

She projects, from the start, an alternative lesson, and at the kết thúc she pronounces her pride in being lượt thích her aunt.

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In the cases of uncles and aunts, childlessness may often have been a factor.

The neighbors of ' aunt ' are ' uncle ', 'relative ' and ' relation'.

Shortly after being hired, he constructed a thatched house of his own down the street from an aunt.

Furthermore, other kin (parents, aunts and uncles, siblings, cousins, grandchildren, and nieces and nephews) of diverse ages are frequently cited as significant network members.

Relationships with nieces or nephews tend to lớn be infrequent and perfunctory unless an aunt or uncle has been a surrogate parent.

The aunt reciprocates her niece's Gọi for complicity.

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Consider the following example, in which an aunt is requesting her three-year-old nephew to lớn talk.

We may be generally reticent as to lớn our uncles and aunts, and may drop even our brothers and sisters in our ordinary conversation.

He immediately wakes in horror, realising that he has dreamed the tale of the count's aunt, and encountered, meanwhile, the voice belonging to lớn the portrait.

By contrast, there were a few aunts and grandmothers who played, usually temporarily, key caring roles, but to lớn whom the child never became closely attached.

Some aunts who were notable characters also played similarly powerful roles in their families.

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Certainly it was easiest when the grandmother or aunt lived in the same house, but there were also striking instances when they lived close by.

His only sister and his aunt are both nuns.

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