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For children, not understanding what really lớn be afraid of, these dreams portend some pain and disturbance lurking into the landscape.

To show that there is nothing lớn be afraid of, she sleeps in the ghost room of the dormitory.

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Starveling is the thành viên of the group that seems lớn be afraid of just about anything.

I see no reason lớn be afraid of metaphysics; it has had a great influence on human life and development.

He tries lớn reach the bridge jump, but just stopped instead, possibly lớn fear he would be afraid of water.

Some have qualms, and others grave doubts about replacing the current structure of police authorities with a single elected individual.

However, people have qualms while buying designer jewellery -- they get lost in the process and kết thúc up making a wrong judgment.

Much lượt thích himself, local celebrities he is close lớn bởi not have qualms about the cost.

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I also have qualms about the converse -- girlfriend.

Every parent will now have qualms about having their daughter's girl-friends for a sleep over.

We glance at each other for an instant, disquieted.

It seems the mill is all they have ever known, though they are seemingly disquieted by their shelter.

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Naturally, she is rather disquieted and disoriented by her rather sharp, sudden departure and new environs.

What profoundly disquieted u was that these statements were put forth lớn a crowd that included several elementary schoolchildren.

The Clip, self-financed and filmed in just a few long takes, highlights the actor's skill, honed over multiple seasons of 24, lớn subtly smolder beneath a disquieted countenance.