battle là gì

Conditions were now in place for a battle.

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The first story and battles has start from here.

During her service with the military, she saw few battle injuries.

The studio liked the new ending but wanted a bigger space battle.

He returned trang chính and once again returned lớn the battle field....

The battle maps are sixteen-by-sixteen squares, usually with limited height topography on which lớn position archers.

The dots on the overworld map have been divided into two sections, battle maps and town maps with all but a select few maps being re-visitable.

The enhancements lớn the graphics engine have been driven partly by the new combined battle maps, which now encompass joint sea and land battles.

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There are three scenes during a game: the navigation map, the battle map, and the kết thúc turn overview.

Players could also design their own fighting emblem, điện thoại tư vấn sign, and even their own battle maps based on the missions in the game.

Every five feet of the ice was contested and our guys never lost a battle for two months.

There are times when he has lớn lose a battle in order lớn win the war.

We have lost a battle in the long war, but we have started the fire, initiated a movement which will continue.

The new leader of the western world said recently that "sometimes by losing a battle you find a new way lớn win the war".

The country is losing a battle against inflation.

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