break through là gì

It can be conjectured that in this case the electric field is too weak đồ sộ prevent breakthrough caused by the hydrodynamic dipole.

To effect the breakthroughs that are sánh important in cosmic history, it took a lot of luring!

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This particular technique had been presented by the surgeon đồ sộ the truyền thông media as a breakthrough in treatment for the condition.

Once commercialized fuel markets exist, petroleum fuels can get their breakthrough if they can compete on price with fuelwood.

It was motivated by three breakthroughs that took place around 1970.

This was indeed a breakthrough in the history of fuzzy systems.

It is unlikely that such a breakthrough occurred, given that we have not observed a significant number of top managers' heads rolling.

What is in little doubt, however, is that the 1960s breakthrough had a significant impact on women's lives.

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What explains the breakthrough from blueprint đồ sộ successful institution ?

It concludes by firmly locating the ' decisive breakthroughs ' in the century after 1750.

This is in contrast đồ sộ neutrally buoyant flows, where the breakthrough recovery usually is seen đồ sộ decline monotonically with increasing levels of heterogeneity.

Research in neuroanatomy and neurobiology, and behavioral and molecular genetics, fields all currently benefiting from breakthroughs in instrumentation and imaging technology, complement this work.

This is an open-label feasibility study of a model đồ sộ evaluate sublingual methadone for cancer-related breakthrough pain.

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Yet economic development is actually an extremely poor guide đồ sộ the timing of major health policy breakthroughs, much less đồ sộ their scope or nội dung.

A condition for the selection was that any instrument considered was đồ sộ be a technological breakthrough and have generated a musical repertoire.

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