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Five fists are held onto a rope bordering a hunt scene on a predynastic cosmetic palette.

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Scientific evidence for the cosmetic and therapeutic effectiveness of aloe vera is limited and when present is frequently contradictory.

It is used in the cosmetic and medical industries.

The glass has been inspected and our advice is that it is cosmetic and doesn't present any safety issues.

These cars share the vast majority of parts with only small cosmetic alterations.

You don't have to tướng look too hard to tướng see a connection between untrained professionals performing cosmetic surgery to tướng the number of botched procedures.

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The 10% tanning tax has replaced the 5% tax on cosmetic surgery that was originally included in the bill.

The technique might also have applications in cosmetic surgery.

Those who rush into cosmetic surgery may also find their cash has been wasted if they decide to tướng have another baby.

Hedge funds were once lượt thích cosmetic surgery: exclusive to tướng the rich, requiring at least $1 million to tướng invest.

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