The 15 Best Things To Do In Da Nang, Vietnam, 15 Best Things To Do In Da Nang, Vietnam

Welcome and Xin Cao, this is your complete list of the best things to do in Da Nang, Vietnam.

We have collected and vetted all the places by ourselves.

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It’s a list of cool activities, unique places to visit and fun things to do in Da Nang – for all types of travelers.

You’ll find everything from the famous Instagramable Ba Nha Hils and Dragon bridge, to hidden gems and coffee places to temples and sights that will make an impression on you.

We have been spending more than 6 months in Vietnam and 3 months alone in Da Nang. It’s packed with great stuff, and it comes with a kind of Barcelona vibe.

Whether you are in Da Nang as a traveler or actually living in Da Nang, this list has cool activities for all kinds of travelers.

List of best things to do in Da Nang

Let’s kick start this list with the famous sights.

1. See Dragon Bridge spitfire and water

The most iconic sight of Da Nang is its Dragon bridge.

Both day and night, this bridge is impressive. The bridge is shaped like a dragon with a head and tail. On the weekends the dragon spits fire and water. Although it is not exactly a “Game of Thrones” Drama, it is pretty cool and worth it to see.

Make sure you check always the up to date schedule for it. The best would be to ask at your accommodation or hostel. They should know. The usual schedule would be

Saturday at 9 pm (21:00)Sunday at 9 pm (21:00)

The fire show lasts about 3-5 minutes max. It would be awesome if the city would add some fireworks and/ or background music. But, nevertheless, pretty epic and unique!

The best spots to see the dragon? There is a view, you will see them right away. My favorite part for the best view of the Dragon Bridge is the 7 Bridges Roof Top Bar.

My best tip: Do you like draft beer and want to enjoy the fire show? Then visit the rooftop terrace of the 7 Bridges Brewery (scroll down for more info). You can even reserve your table there with the best spot. Just send them an email via Facebook and let them know how many people are coming.


2. Half-Day trip to Marble Mountain

Next on the list is yet another unique thing to do in Hoi An and Da Nang.

On the beach road from Da Nang to Hanoi, you will drive-by the famous Marble Mountain. You cannot miss it actually.

It is literally a cluster of five marble and limestone hills. The five mountains are named after the five elements:

Kim (metal)Thuy (water)Moc (wood)Hoa (fire) andTho (earth).

The (main) Marble Mountain is a complex of several caves, and temples. You will spend here at least 3 hours since it is quite big. From the city center, it takes you around 30 minutes to get here.

There are two entrances and two entrance fees.

First, there is the so-called water mountain. Here you visit several caves and temples that are connected with each other. You will take endless photos, no doubt.

You can also climb up to the peak of the marble mountain. From here you have a gorgeous view over the beach, the ocean over to Da Nang.

Below you find a photo so you get an idea.

Although there were quite some steps to climb, it was worth it. Check the weather before you go, and make sure it is whether pouring nor super hot.

The second, and for us, the most impressive part is the actual main temple of Marble Mountain, the Am Phu Cave.

This is where you can find a huge altar. On the right to it, you should dare to climb down the hell. Literally, they illustrated how hell could look like with people torturing each other, a snake eating humans and more.

Pretty tough – yet not too graphic. Still would not recommend that part for children.

Parking: As always when it’s near a sight, locals will try to lure you into parking your bike with them. They ask for anything from 2000 Dong to 10.000 Dong.

We never pay to park, but instead make a deal: “if I buy something from you, is the parking for free?” The answer was always yes. So instead of paying 5.000 for parking, I paid 10.000 for a bottle of water.

Ticket: Go to the official ticket booth. They are clearly marked. Get your tickets only there. No need to buy anything beforehand.


3. Night Market near Dragon Bridge

Not sure what to do in Da Nang after the Dragon spitfire?

Right in front, you have a night market with food, drinks, and a few fun games. Give it a go!



4. Admire the Coffee Culture

It is no secret anymore that Vietnam is a paradise for coffee-lovers. Da Nang is dotted with hundreds of coffee shops. From traditional street cafés to ultimate high-end coffee shops.

You can pay anything from 10.000 Dong to 65.000 Dong.

We prepared a huge guide to the best coffee shops in Da Nang. We also put all the cafés on a map, so you can easily find them.

Read: 14 best coffee shops in Da Nang

In a nutshell, our favorite places to get a coffee in Da Nang are:

Golem Coffee ShopJoy Box (former 85 Design Cafe)Hide Out Café (Anna’s favorite!)Memory Hostel Café43 Factory (Matt’s favorite!)Bookaholic Hostel and CaféCloud Garden

Good to know: There are offers for coffee tastings in Da Nang. You can find them on Airbnb Experience. Read here how to use Airbnb – and of course, the $35 discount for Airbnb.


5. Become a fisherman and BBQ your fish

Historically, Da Nang was and still is a big fishermen’s town. In fact, they have their own celebration of fishermen, and it is about the same size as the TET Holiday.

Memory Hostel offers fishermen tours with BBQ.


6. Tet Holiday in Da Nang

Tet Holiday is a huge deal in Vietnam all over. Tet Holiday lasts for around one week. Restaurants, bars, hotels, supermarkets and more are closed. On the bright side, the villages are beautifully decorated and people are so excited to go home to see their family.

It is really special to visit Vietnam during the Tet Holiday.

Tet Holiday in Da Nang is still easy to “survive” in the sense of you will find accommodation and restaurants open. Our favorite restaurants and cafés were closed for a week.

If a restaurant or bar/ cafe remains open, there is usually an extra Tet-Fee of anything between 20% and 50% more on the regular price.

Fair enough!

So what is there to see during Tet in Da Nang?

The main road to visit is Bạch Đằng Street. The street is decorated with flowers, tiny monuments, and other decór. Locals love them to wear traditional dresses and to take numerous photos here.


7. Walk the Love Bridge

Nicknamed “love bridge”, this tiny pier is one of the most Instagrammed places in Da Nang.

The pier is just 100 meters from the Dragon Bridge. Locals and visitors follow the love-lock tradition and lock their love for eternity on that pier. You can even buy (overpriced) love locks at the store in front of the bridge.

At night, the hearty-lamps lighten up. For us, this makes an even better photo.

Anyways, this love-locks tradition can be quite annoying, and even destroying bridges. Read the article about Love Locks by The Guardian.


8. Hit the beaches

Da Nang has many beaches and they are beautiful! Yes, Da Nang is a beach destination. It is one of the many reasons we love this city.

You can just wander around, have a drink at a beach bar, get a hammock and relax. Make sure you check the currents as we’ve been told they can be very strong at some points at the beach.

Here are the 10 best beaches in Da Nang:

My Khe BeachNon-Nuoc BeachBac My An BeachThanh Binh Beach (Biển Thanh Bình)Xuan Thieu Beach

My Khe Beach is Da Nangs main beach with all the action from swimming areas, paragliding, jet-ski, banana boats and more. This white sand beach stretches approximately 6 km, dotted with beach bars and coconut vendors. A fresh coconut sets you back around 30.000 Dong.

In the South, you will find numerous beach resorts.


9. Hit the Secret Beaches

Here is our 3 favorite, more hidden beaches:

So Tra Peninsula Beachesand Tien SaLang Co Beach

The beach Bai Bac or Bai Bien is one of the few sunset beaches we have found. You will find this beach as well on the Son Tr Peninsula. Check our map for the exact address. The beach is part of the Tiên Sa Resort, and there is a catch.

There is an entrance fee of 30.000 Dong.

On the bright side, Tiên Sa Resort offers as well super cool activities like banana-boats, snorkeling, diving, and water jumping castles (all at extra cost).

Good to know: You can also actually stay at the resort, but except for the direct beach access, the reviews are not really convincing. Better stay downtown.

Read: 3 best hostels in Da Nang, Vietnam – complete guide


10. Monkey Mountain Beach

We’ve covered already beaches, right?! Well, not entirely.

We were quite excited to see that there are some stunning beaches around the Monkey Mountain. You know, the one with Lady Buddha on it (check the following thing to do in Da Nang).

Just keep driving and pass Lady Buddha. On the right-hand side, you will see some parking spots. Pay the parking (usually 5000 Vietnamese Dong) and walk down the stairs to the beach. There are several beach bars.

Have a drink, thank us later!

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11. Beach Clean Up

Wanna help the beaches in Da Nang clean? Join the Precious Plastic Da Nang.

Precious Plastic Da Nang is a community of people working towards a solution to plastic pollution in Vietnam.

This problem is quite big, and you will see this as soon as you arrive in Vietnam. You can actually help reducing plastic and waster in general. For instance, when ordering a drink, always let the waiter know to not put a plastic straw in your drink. A simple way to reduce unnecessary waste.

Find all dates for beach clean-ups with Precious Plastic on their Facebook page.


12. Lady Buddha

And yes, the Lady Buddha on the Monkey Mountain is also worth it a visit. You can actually see the statue from the rooftop terrace from Memory Hostel. At night, the statue is lightened up.

Anyway, the Lady Buddha is a must-do in Da Nang.

Come here, take some photos, visit the Pagoda next door – and then head to the mentioned beach above.


13. N Pub: Paint Night and Quiz Night

How about a great fun night out? Join the Paint Nights and Quiz nights at N Pub, near May An and the beach.

14. Relax at an Infinity Pool

One of our favorite top things to do in Da Nang is jumping in an infinity pool.

Most ex-pats and travelers actually do not know this, but you can visit many rooftop bars of hotels free of charge. You only need to consume a drink or eat. At some hotels, you will even get a towel.

Our favorite rooftop swimming pool is from Cicilia Hotel.

It is perfect for sunset and you can see even the sun wheel and the dragon bridge.


15. Sun world Asia Park and its Sun Wheel

Maybe the cheapest amusement park you will ever visit!

There is usually not a lot of people and the entrance is less than $10. Yet, you can spend here a full day with fun rides, roller-coasters, and arcade games.

There are even a free-fall tower and one incredibly fast roller-coaster.

No kidding!

When it was our turn, the guys leaving the roller-coaster was dizzy and told us “fast….fast!”…

We did the Barney-Standson and were like “yaaaaaahhh, right…!

Oh boy… that thing was so fast, every one of us got a bit dizzy. Super super super fun for sure! But I could not have handled two rides in a row.

Sun World Asia Park is located in the city center. You cannot miss it.

16. Enjoy Quality Craft Beer at 7 Bridges Roof Top Bar

It may sound a bit “posh”, but Vietnamese beer is not exactly the best in the world. (Sorry, if this offends anyone!)

If you want a fantastic beer in Da Nang, then go with 7 Bridges Brewery Company.

They server fantastic beers from Blonde Ale to Wheat beer. Of course, it is more expensive than the regular la Rue beer or Bia Hoi, but it’s worth it. At least we like to think that!

7 Bridges is located at the Han River, next to the head of the Dragon Bridge – right across the river from the old Memory Hostel actually!)

They have a long bar on the ground floor, a billiard pool to play on the 1st floor, and the 3rd floor is the super cool rooftop terrace.

We especially love it here when it’s dark and Da Nang is lightened up by its bridges and the lights on all the buildings.

Good to know: From the rooftop terrace you can see the fire and water show of the Dragon Bridge. You can reserve your table, just send them a message on Facebook.


17. Sunrise Yoga

What is better than Yoga? Sunrise Yoga!

There are several resorts, yoga teachers and events on facebook for sunrise yoga. Just hop over to Facebook and check the events.

The yoga usually takes place anywhere along My Khe Beach.


18. Talking about Sunrise: Watch the Sunrise at the beach

Since Da Nang is facing the ocean to the East, you can enjoy a beautiful sunrise over the ocean.

Check the time for the sunrise, so you don’t miss it obviously.

19. Sky 36 Roof Top Bar

How about partying like a pro? Sky36 Club is the highest rooftop bar in Da Nang City Centre.

Come here to party in style and get the famous Ho Chi Minh City feeling. It is quite a posh place where locals, ex-pats, and travelers celebrate the night.


20. Nightlife: Live Music Venues all over

Another way to spend a great night out; live music! There are soooo many places all around the city. Here’s a selection of our favorite places in Da Nang with live music:

The 1920’s LoungeCrazy Cat ‘s BarOn The Radio BarRock GardenDirty Fingers DanangWaves Rooftop BarThe Dawn

Always check their official Facebook page to see the events.

21. Bowling

Okay, this might not exactly be something you are looking for when traveling, but still fun.

On the last floor of Lotte Market, you find a Cinema, arcade games and a good quality bowling alley. Go for it! One round of bowling costs around $2 per person.

You will get bowling shoes and even can purchase socks for using them with your bowling shoes. Just in case you are traveling in flip-flops only.


22. Ping Pong and Billiard Pool

Spending more time in Da Nang? We love to play ping pong and billiard pool.

You find billiard pools in many bars like the Simple Man. The Simple Man has also a foosball table, one of the few we have found in Da Nang.

As for Ping Pong, we only found one place to play. The place is called ”

23. Play endless Games at the Arcades (Helio Recreation Center)

This amusement center is massive! You find anything on things to do for families and adults. There are also many events taking place like concerts and night markets.

Just keep an eye on it. Unfortunately, I could not find any official schedule. Da Nang Fantastic City lists all their games and stuff to do.

One of my highlights was the bowling area, next to the cinema. There is also a huge Arcade. Yet, some of the games are not well maintained. Still, fun and cheap!

24. Tattoo Shop and Hipster Café

Sure, Da Nang offers thousands of nice cafés. But, there are quite a few standing out.

Read our guide on the best cafés in Da Nang.

The coolest and best tattoo shop in Da Nang is Lament Tattoo, right above Phong Coffee. Both Matt and the manager of Memory Hostel actually got their ankle tattoos here.

Check out all the beautiful tattoos of Lament Tattoo.


25. Bargain and Negotiate

Especially when coming from the Western world, Vietnam will for sure teach you one lesson: Bargaining!

Bargaining is almost a game for many vendors. At least, it is expected. You can try to luck in any market.

Remember to stay calm, keep smiling. If you lose your cool when bargaining you lost. Plus, again, it’s part of the game when buying something on a local market. Do not take it too seriously.


26. Diving at Cu Lao Cham Island

Did you know there are a few islands dotted around Da Nang and Hoi An?

Cu Lao Cham Island is one of the most-known islands, best for diving and snorkeling.

You can also stay overnight at Cu Lao Cham Island. Hammock Homestay is our first choice.

Good to know: Book your tour at least 1 day before. And book your accommodation as soon as you can, due to the limited choice on the island.

Good to know as well: Bring cash with you to the island. There is no ATM.

27. Splurge: Get a Spa Retreat

You will find endless spas all around the city. Massages and retreats are very affordable in Vietnam in general. We asked our local friends about the best spas in Da Nang, and here you go:

Cham Spa & massageSalem SpaSense Spa

Sense Spa is directly in the center and the most affordable one. It’s better to call them beforehand for an appointment.

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28. Cooking class in Hoi An

Vietnamese Cuisine is one of my favorites! And what better way to take some knowledge home with you: Enjoy a cooking class in Hoi An!

Just a 30 minutes ride away in Hoi An, you can join so many cooking classes. It can be overwhelming.