delight là gì

He does not retain his anger forever, because he delights in showing clemency.

I am always delighted when his poems catch the ' ' unevenness ' ' of the flow of day.

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After observing the novel actions, the children delighted in performing them repeatedly đồ sộ the exclusion of the familiar actions.

The local intendent was delighted : although he had already built two special coaches đồ sộ carry the ill, he happily accepted another.

Rather kêu ca delighting in an arrested infancy, he was bristling with the violence of undirected and unloved adolescence.

Seeing the large and extremely interested crowds thrilled and delighted bu.

The lad, nothing loath, would declaim before them, more often kêu ca not in a mock heroic strain that greatly delighted his workmates.

The teachers, few of whom have done any formal linguistics, have also been delighted đồ sộ find that they know more kêu ca they knew.

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Readers will be exasperated or delighted by the introductory section.

I was also delighted đồ sộ find a satisfactory increase in legibility through a sharper type face and daring use of blacker ink!

I would be delighted đồ sộ receive additional suggestions and đồ sộ react đồ sộ proposals.

Colleagues will probably find that the volume delights and infuriates, enlightens and obfuscates, in equal measure.

His book is intellectually stimulating; he delights in seizing an idea and worrying at it, lượt thích a mèo toying with a mouse.

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Towns were delighted by this trend as it gave them more authority and greater protection from the illegal encroachments of county justices.

How sad that we shall have no more delights from this livelyminded, erudite and cultured historian.

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