fancy là gì

I could hardly tell where fact left off and fancy began.

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Chances are you're not going to tát fancy them they're just people you work with.

It featured staples and fancy groceries along with buggies and wagons.

Everyone has to tát provide fancy dress and enter the talent contest.

A big, fancy, bow in the hair would really mix this tuy vậy off.

Instead of austere functionality, they enlivened their living spaces with plush furniture, deep carpets, handmade fancy-work, hanging plants, bookcases, inexpensive paintings and decorations.

An expert carpenter helped with the fancy-work details, such as the turned balustrades.

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One legend tells of a female servant taking a fancy to tát her house's kobold and asking to tát see him.

The owner has also taken a fancy to tát the wandering novelist.

The idea is that should someone take a fancy to tát one of the images you're displaying, printing it out is as easy as adding the paper cartridge.

Lenders seem to tát have taken a fancy to tát extending loans against property.

He loved dramatic death scenes and would repeat them or any other scenes he happened to tát take a fancy to tát three to tát four times over.

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