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Fashion news
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EditorBreaking Media

Fashionista is a fashion trang web owned by Breaking Media.


Fashionista was launched in 2007. It was originally written as a fashion blog by Faran Krentcil.[1] In April 2009, editor Natalie Hormilla stepped down.[2]

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By 2010, Fashionista had gained worldwide popularity in the fashion niche and revamped its trang web and logo (also moving it from Joomla đồ sộ WordPress).[3] In 2010, Breaking Media raised a $1.3 million round of investment.[4]

In November 2013, Stephanie Trong and Lauren Indvik were named co-editors-in-chief of Fashionista, succeeding đồ sộ Leah Chernikoff. In March năm trước, Stephanie Trong stepped down, leaving Lauren Indvik the sole editor-in-chief of the trang web.[5] In April năm trước, the trang web was moved from WordPress đồ sộ SAY Media's nội dung management and monetization platform Tempest.[6]

In April năm ngoái, Breaking Media raised another $1.5 million round of investment.[4] In November năm ngoái, Lauren Indvik was named editor at large of Fashionista, succeeding đồ sộ Lauren Sherman.[7] In December năm ngoái, Fashionista introduced its own advertising studio (Fashionista CoLab) đồ sộ offer custom advertising experiences đồ sộ advertisers.[8]


Fashionista is the most-visited trang web edited by Breaking Media.[9] Compared đồ sộ other fashion news websites, Fashionista's editorial is more pop culture and geared đồ sộ a younger audience.[10]

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  • 2012: Webby Award for best fashion website[11][12]


  • Fashion journalism


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