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He also appeared in 21 films between 1911 and 1948.

Together they have written the music and lyrics for numerous television shows, films, and stage musicals.

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Many of his novels have been made into films.

No music đoạn phim was filmed for the track.

He has also scored for films and released many of his own albums.

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He'd use a cue sheet provided by the film studio that noted where in the film to tát indicate agitation, love or action.

But it was reported then that although a film studio would generate a substantial income, it would close the facility to tát public use.

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It appears to tát be an unconditional sale which would suggest there are no covenants in place pressing for use as a film studio.

To be more efficient, we really wanted our own film studio.

It could be purchased by a developer with no intention of retaining as a film studio.