frustration là gì

Ray starts guessing what the next word will be, and speaking his guesses out loud during the pauses, in frustration at waiting.

The song's lyrics express the frustration of making the same mistake over and over.

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They cited industry frustrations as a major factor influencing the decision.

His frustrations lead him lớn the personal testimony of a man he meets on the street who had once benefited from charities himself.

The former expresses frustration feeling that the whole village is mocking him.

When one aims solely towards pleasure itself, one's aim is frustrated.

He took early retirement in 1986, frustrated at the lack of progress from these initiatives, and died three years later.

The scene depicts a leaping fox frustrated in its hunt: a solid horizontal line separates him from the hen who strolls serenely in the sun.

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Jack, increasingly frustrated, starts acting strangely and becomes prone lớn violent outbursts.

He ran a generally quiet and issues-based chiến dịch and grew frustrated with what he perceived as growing reactionary behavior from the opposing các buổi tiệc nhỏ.

Police were frustrated by the fact that no witnesses could be found against either man.

She became frustrated with the cinema industry and began lớn take portraits at age eighteen.

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Do frustrated economic expectations and objective economic inequity promote crime?

Frustrated by their hesitation, she threatened lớn proclaim it unilaterally.

He became frustrated with his inability lớn reach his students (whom he described as hoodlums) and quit.