gratitude là gì

The husbands took on the caring responsibilities đồ sộ affirm the strength of the marital bond and đồ sộ express gratitude.

Nonetheless, two nursing studies examine the copresence of sorrow and gratitude within human experience.

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We express our warm gratitude đồ sộ the many children and their parents who participated in this study.

She gave ví much and there are literally hundreds of people worldwide who will remember her with gratitude and affection.

Finally, particular gratitude goes đồ sộ those music teachers who contributed their valuable time and histories.

Particular gratitude also goes đồ sộ those music teachers who contributed their valuable time and histories.

Moments of gratitude and sorrow surfaced for participants as they described people, projects, and activities that were important in their lives.

Each year the confidence of women calypsonians has grown, reinforced by the tư vấn and gratitude of female audience members.

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But, of course, gratitude is not something đồ sộ be relied upon, especially in politics.

Their loss has been acknowledged, with public fanfare and apparent gratitude, by the highest politicians in the prefecture.

Disappointment at an abbreviated life can be combined with gratitude for a life lived.

Some workers certainly felt enormous gratitude towards their employers.

Our deepest gratitude is expressed đồ sộ the caseworkers, foster families, and children at both agencies.

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I owe a debt of gratitude đồ sộ my many language consultants over the years for their help in understanding tone and reduplication in their languages.

For that, we owe a debt of gratitude.

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