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This statement was really about the failure of the heritage industry vĩ đại recognize local interests in the politics of (re)presentation.

Reviews 583 signified several large-scale blocs of cultures and heritages that were differentiated by their position along the spectrum of barbarity and modernity.

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Perhaps there are ways of reenchanting the world without surrendering our scientific heritage?

One's own personal heritage of possibilities is what individuates one as a person.

The indigenous heritage industry reacted vĩ đại the repeated local resistance by withdrawing their commitment vĩ đại the development of the site.

His main charge concerns their alleged collusion with non-academic interests vĩ đại effect acceptable heritage results, politically, economically, (re)presentationally.

Archaeologists involved in the local heritage industry might be better equipped vĩ đại khuyến mãi with the sensitivity of minority and localist ideas of heritage than thở outsiders.

Initially, responses vĩ đại them exhibit a combination of fascination with the exotic and a markedly undemocratic appreciation of their aristocratic heritage.

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She has since changed the spelling vĩ đại de-emphasize her mixed ethnic heritage when she goes vĩ đại auditions.

Similarly, the split might be attributed vĩ đại different ethnic heritage.

Once again, it is tempting vĩ đại interpret the outcome as a by-product of the historical heritage.

The country's rich intellectual heritage is dispersed among hundreds of libraries and archives across the nation.

It was solely my intention vĩ đại Call attention vĩ đại the complex relation between tourism and heritage conservation and interpretation.

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The interrelation between identity formation, heritage conservation and interpretation and tourism has been an issue of central importance in the present argument.

Again it is reflected in a change of vocabulary from cultural resource management vĩ đại heritage management, or simply from conservation vĩ đại heritage.

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