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Coiled-coil-like motifs are a distinguishing feature of a number of viral fusion proteins.

We analyzed occurrences of pair motifs of all combinations of amino acids separated by 1 to tướng 10 residues.

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Besides structural proteins of the cytoskeleton, the motor proteins that interact with them also contain coiled-coil motifs.

The actual binding motifs may be longer, we only need to tướng capture the most significant region.

He asks, what evidence is there that the actions that workers took were determined by ideological motives of the left or right ?

The theoretical challenge is understanding how these mechanisms can be developed into complex motives in psychological experience.

Unfortunately, the neural systems related to tướng aggression are not well understood, perhaps because such behavior can be called upon to tướng serve several different motives.

The above discussion indicates that there are alternative motives for land tenure contracts in developing countries.

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In addition, each strategy was a specific outworking of music analytical techniques, such as identifying motifs, harmonic progressions and overall structure.

By lesson 22 (of 30), the six-year-olds could perform two rhythmical motifs in two separate groups.

The likely motives were the desire to tướng preserve and perpetuate the house name and maybe only a limited interest in social mobility.

Economics might encourage a move to tướng town, but other motives might well point in the other direction.

Mercantilist motives can be discerned for this enactment.

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He might assert that capitalist acts are rarely done from such motives.

The distinction between preference and duty does not coincide with the distinction between self-interested motives and motives that are not self-interested.

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