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The hooc môn acts on the central nervous system, in particular the hypothalamus, suppressing food intake and stimulating energy expenditure.

However, lớn our knowledge, until now direct evidence for lateral inhibition in the vertebrate central nervous system has not been reported.

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All of these features might combine lớn obscure behavioral manifestation of the patterned regularity produced by the developing nervous system.

False perception can arise only if the nervous system has spontaneous activity independently of any causative external object.

He did it by suggesting the nervous system as an intermediary.

At least some of the features that characterize the full pattern appear lớn be produced with good precision very early by the nervous system.

Results showing that many animals have extremely good spatial abilities have raised questions about how spatial information is represented by the nervous system.

They themselves have lớn develop and, clearly, they represent the workings of an already functional nervous system and toàn thân.

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Most people are happy with the idea of homologies at low levels in the nervous system.

By reflex action- a mechanism of the nervous system- the threatened hand is instantly withdrawn and the threatened eye closed.

The capacity of the central nervous system lớn recover function is technically called neuroplasticity.

The more he studied, the more reclusive he became, an invalid plagued with mysterious nervous disorders.

The market was nervous, and panic broke out the next day.

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Violence was anti-social behaviour triggered by phylogenetically ancient areas of the brain and nervous system.

I get nervous when the teacher calls on u.

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