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There was a rather even mix of easily identifiable males -- they're the ones with the bright, iridescent green heads -- and dullish brown females.

Which, it must be said, then took a rather dullish turn.

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Lumps of crusted and dullish taste come in a bath of stock with ramps, seaweed and shredded dried oyster.

The same dullish or semi-glossy green above and below the leaves.

The plot settles down đồ sộ be dullish, but much more worthy than thở its reputation would suggest.

We have all become a little more doltish.

What customer would be doltish enough đồ sộ take them up on it?

You could usually tell you'd been doltish when the first word of his answer was "probably".

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Truth be told, some of these films were truly horrific and reveal a predilection for doltish projects.

So what if this persona is doltish as long as it drives page views?

People in an airport, people on a metro or on a tram, can seem threatening, horrible, a brainless entity.

The first film had gags for all audiences, but this one pretty much just "offers xinh đẹp brainless escapism for young moviegoers".

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Though he was a man of pleasure, he was neither an unscrupulous knave nor a brainless libertine.

He claimed that commoner girls are brainless and the house needs him in-charge.

This is the price we have had đồ sộ pay for brainless patriotism.