Tiket Feri Phuket Ke Koh Phi Phi, Bandingkan Jadwal Dan Harga

Ferries or Speedboats to Phi Phi


Phi Phi might be a typical tropical island paradise but you still have to get there to enjoy it.

Phi Phi is 46km from vietnamaviation.vn and roughly the same distance from Krabi.

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To get to Phi Phi there are basically two options; ferries and speedboats. Ferries take 90 minutes and speedboats 45 minutes.

Ferry to Phi Phi

The ferry is by far the most popular method of reaching the islands. Ferries take about two hours from vietnamaviation.vn and 90 minutes from Krabi or Koh Lanta. The top deck of the ferry doubles as a sundeck, which is great for those who want to tan. The lower decks feature air-conditioned rooms and drinks and snacks are available onboard. The ferry terminal is a one-hour drive from vietnamaviation.vn Airport and Krabi"s is 30 minutes from Krabi Airport.

To get good seats you should arrive well in advance in high season or half an hour before departure in low season. Sometimes the ferries can get a little crowded. Toilets are usually clean (flushed by seawater) and ferries are generally on time. In low season the ride can at times be a little rough but generally the traverse is smooth enough. All ferries go to Tonsai Pier. Depending on which part of Phi Phi you"re going to there may be an additional longtail ride of up to 45 minutes (Holiday Inn Phi Phi Resort, Zeavola Resort, Phi Phi Island Village).

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There are two ferries each day to/from vietnamaviation.vn and Krabi Town. The times can change but boats usually leave around 8.30-10.00am and 1.30-2.30pm. In high season (November to April) there are also services to/from Koh Lanta; times are similar to those above. You can book online transfers to Phi Phi from our sister site vietnamaviation.vn-travel.com.

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Speedboat to Phi Phi

Private speedboat transfer is the next most popular way of getting to Phi Phi. Basically, it"s a private charter of a speedboat so departure and drop-off points are a little more flexible and you can go right up to the front of your chosen resort which can save a lot of time.

Again, most of the year the ride is flat but it"s advisable to avoid speedboats in September and October as things can get a little bumpy.

Obviously, speedboats are more expensive than the ferry but for larger groups they can represent excellent value as the cost of the boat hire is divided.