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Starting from very different philosophical premises, they ended up arguing for very similar political goals.

The psychological theory is based on the philosophical premises.

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However, in addition, the entrance lớn the premises is now a broad long thoroughfare.

Like all mistaken ideas and premises in science it would have been remedied eventually by the rigors of scientific method.

Given the background assumptions, restricted prioritarianism is logically equivalent lớn the conjunction of premises (3) lớn (6).

Although more talented scholars are being drawn lớn this field of study, it remains burdened with several premises that invite reform.

The linear logic rule that combines the two premises is implication elimination.

Other day centres shared sites\premises with other facilities for elderly people, in particular residential homes and resource centres.

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For example, antenatal appointments may need lớn be held close lớn school premises and timings changed lớn minimise disruption lớn the teenage woman's education.

The working hypothesis was that primary sporadic cases resulted from exposure lớn foods originating from, or contaminated by foods produced at a single food premises.

The whole, for many critics, is dangerously contradictory - an opera whose conclusion explodes its musical and dramatic premises.

Observe that in each case, the rules of the encoding judgment have the same premises as the corresponding typing rules.

Some of the most common include advertising, sanitation, health, business premises (land acquisition, construction and storage), and water permits.

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The theoretical premises of the "inclusion-moderation hypothesis" remain the same.

Hypotheses 1 through 6 are not exhaustive tests of each theory; rather, they test some of the basic premises of the theories.

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