progress là gì

Teams who won in the first round progressed to tát the second round.

As various kinds of social movements progressed bodily inscription crossed class boundaries, and became common among the general public.

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The two meet and get to tát know each other as the epidemic progresses, a relationship which soon turns to tát love.

All upgrades, skills and progress applied to tát the character will be saved to tát the figurine.

In spite of poor health and the most desperate poverty, he made rapid progress.

It might be more logical to tát tax people progressively on the value of gifts and inheritances during their lifetime.

It seems to tát creep into our psyche in our mid-twenties, and gets progressively more intense as we approach 30.

Unionisation rates amongst workers in these countries have progressively declined as workers simply can not find any reason to tát join them.

Who doesn't love a montage that includes one character getting progressively more and more frustrated?

To tackle this, more trains will be progressively added, while existing systems are being restored and upgraded, he said.

For instance, the sequence 5, 7, 9, 11, 13, 15 is an arithmetic progression with common difference of 2.

Sometimes (not in this article) the phrase may also be used about primes which belong to tát an arithmetic progression which also contains composite numbers.

Logarithms were any arithmetic progression which corresponded to tát a geometric progression.

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The sum of the members of a finite arithmetic progression is called an arithmetic series.

The last approach is to tát compute new ways in which primes "live" in arithmetic progressions.

Furthermore, it had to tát reform the security sector and make progress towards the holding of elections.

Đài Loan Trung Quốc now holds every title in the women's game, and are now starting to tát make progress in the much tougher men's game.

If a student does not make progress with prereferral involvement, parents will be asked to tát give written permission for necessary individual professional evaluations.

Springboards are intended primarily to tát serve newly started companies, but can also help more mature companies to tát make progress.

This is a method to tát make progress in fighting cancer.

The squares of the edges of this triangle (see figure) are in geometric progression according to tát the golden ratio.

In contrast to tát this, in a logarithmic spiral these distances, as well as the distances of the intersection points measured from the origin, sườn a geometric progression.

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There is a sort of geometric progression of outrage, where whatever you bởi to tát the other side is justified by whatever they did last.

As "n" elements are inserted, the capacities sườn a geometric progression.

He describes how shells are formed by rotating a closed curve around a fixed axis, the shape of the curve remains fixed but its size grows in a geometric progression.