regulation là gì

Of course, many of the objectives could have also been accomplished by regulations.

All of these countries reported having government regulations to lớn protect patient-level data.

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There are also special regulations for clinical trials.

After all, these regulations were promulgated quite late.

They depict housing processes in relatively unfettered markets with comparatively few government regulations and direct intervention.

By comparison, the earlier building orders, regulations and codes did not go beyond some basic controls and general precautions against the danger of fire.

Up until the twentieth century, regulations regarding marital fitness tended to lớn follow the common-law rules on the capacity of parties to lớn contract.

The government, however, has a strong steering role with complex regulations affecting virtually every aspect of the health system.

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Of interest, national regulations were required already at that time to lớn reduce the large variability among hospitals in the exact method of cost price calculation.

The degree is delivered by the institution in which the student is registered, following its own regulations.

The enforcement of such regulations may be difficult where monitoring is poor or testing is accessed from foreign jurisdictions.

The regulations for coverage of nonexcluded medical sida are complex and therefore are only briefly described.

In particular, implementation of regulations in the private sector should be taken as a policy opportunity to lớn improve the delivery of health care.

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An act from 1475 also extended the regulations of 1422 to lớn the entire kingdom.

Under colonial rule the administration of the whole territory was formalised since the governors put an kết thúc to lớn all personalised positions and regulations.

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