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The substantial and middling tenants at this time would have held on long leases, typically of 11 or 19 years.

The difference in wealth between landlord and tenant might be sánh large as to lớn allow the former to lớn impose whatever contract he wants.

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The landlord once suggested that a relative of his would be prepared to lớn swap property with the tenants.

The number of tenants with 1 acre remains static (perhaps through data problems).

The data had also stated that 35,931 tenants had received thirty-year leases to lớn land that was privately endowed.

Many of these improvements were carried out on the trang chính farm, but encouragement to lớn innovate on tenant farms can also be seen.

It provides means-tested rent assistance for low-income tenants in private and social rented housing.

Again, we have a straight conflict between lords and tenants over the customary rights of each.

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The latter drew an income derived mainly from money-rents from tenants, which were untouched by the abolition of ' feudalism ' in 1798.

The age and gender profiles of tenants in the different areas were similar.

In 1747, the system of land tenure by which a tenant could be summoned for military service, known as hereditary ward-holding, was abolished.

For the larger tenant, continued occupancy was secure under the lease system and, as such, they had less cause to lớn mobilise concepts of hereditary right.

They provide a different perspective than thở the many newspaper reports of the time describing lavish dinners for tenants on rent day.

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Not entirely unexpectedly, the articulation by some of self-concept\image entailed express or implied criticisms of tenants.

As a result of these programs, more than thở 80% of all tenancy disputes led to lớn partial or complete tenant victory.

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