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The text is up to date with references as recent as 1999 and throughout the book generous use is made of case studies for illustration.

Nurses have a responsibility to lớn keep themselves up to date, be able to lớn explain what they are doing, and the rationale for their actions.

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It represents the most up to date picture of what engineers are able to lớn accomplish.

Commit to lớn the course and the necessity to lớn remain up to date.

The material is as up to date as is feasible in any textbook, and most chapter s provide references up to lớn 1998.

The author gives us a concise, welldocumented and closely argued trương mục, which brings us up to date through careful use of the latest research.

Whilst this edition is up to date on the technical aspects, the practical side of seed production is somewhat outdated.

There is a requirement for medical professionals to lớn access vast amounts information and numerous, up to date guidelines within their working lives.

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These semantics apart, the book is informative, up to date, critical, concise and balanced.

Yet modernism consists in being up to date, and this collection is haunted by the modernist sense that modernism is itself outdated.

What more likely, then, that his mission in revisions would be to lớn bring the most backward-looking aspects of a piece violently up to date?

The key challenge here is to lớn strike a balance between keeping displayed information up to date and swamping the parallel computation with profile messages.

Their webpages must be adequately funded to lớn allow them to lớn have a professional appearance, easy site navigation, excellent nội dung and to lớn keep up to date.

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As a collection of essays there are two main challenges: to lớn integrate the pieces into a coherent whole and to lớn bring them up to date.

In general, the chapters provide well written, researched, up to date summaries of their chosen topics.

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