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In the present work we wanted to lớn verify whether oocytes recovered from preantral follicles were able to lớn acquire calcium activity during follicle culture.

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These experiments demonstrated good transport properties and verified the theoretical modeling.

This observation is easy to lớn verify by checking all possibilities.

The concept of steady state has often been used in the past to lớn verify long-term model reliability.

In the case of timber, world and domestic prices are holding steady, or declining, while logging costs are rising as verified by field interviews.

This fact must be verified for the safety of the programs.

Our first step was simply to lớn verify that the letter n-gram methods tự in fact work for large samples of text.

The effectiveness and robustness characteristics of our proposed method were verified successfully in both simulations and experiments.

Her sample of progressive constructions seems to lớn verify this hypothesis for the eighteenth century.

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If this is confirmed after the impact equations are solved, the assumption is verified.

Assuming that some simple conditions are verified, a quantitative analysis of the atomic species constituting a sample is possible, without the need for calibration curves.

X-ray radiography of the implosion was used to lớn verifying that the system behaves in general as designed.

We also verify the existence of a positive relationship between size and fecundity for the 3 helminth species in our study.

That is why all presented estimations are verified with robust regressions using a modified maximum likelihood estimator, which accounts for non-normally distributed data.

This is easily verified because the statement holds for the equations in the aforementioned table, and is preserved by the rules of equational deduction.

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